Jubilant (conglomerate), renamed and repositioned to create a holding corporate identity to anchor diverse industries. Launched in 2002.


Vam Organic Chemical Company was a multi-disciplinary company in several industries. In 2000 the company strategy was to become a conglomerate in diversified businesses, with each business retaining its own industry culture.  Aside from being in specialty chemicals and different lifesciences areas, the group also wanted to enter the food industry. So the management was highly inclined to see a displacing new idea to re-baptize their conglomerate. 


To retain the human value of the different companies while creating a robust single entity with strong values and bonding across the conglomerate group.


Need to create a universal name which can operate at a high ground to deliver happiness for customers, employees, partners and shareholders. This is not possible with an acronym name like VAM Organics.


We looked at different names to replace VAM Organics. The Jubilant name that we found had the high level semantics that gave very positive rays for the different kinds of industries of VAM Organics. When we tested the name, from stakeholders’ voice we found that Jubilant was radiating a fresh and dynamic conglomerate name. We symbolized that name with a flying bird with colours that represented nature, the sky and sun put in dynamic livery. The corporate brand entity was introduced with a strong brand architecture from where the activities of all other companies could be expressed according to the requirement of each of the industries they were in. The positioning of the corporation was :Caring, Sharing, Growing.” So we designed and strategized the brand name, brand identity, brand shield upto a flexible brand architecture to integrate all the diverse companies of the group and bring coherency in a conglomerate brand. This identity was displayed in the different group companies, sometimes as umbrella branding and sometimes as signature branding.