Gati (supply chain service industry): From transportation to supply chain and logistics management. Re-launched in 2007.


Gati was formed in 1989 and became a well known name across India in the transportation industry. By 2006, Gati had become No.1 in transportation service with deep penetration distribution reach in India. That’s when global competitors also entered the market. The yellow code of Gati’s brand also had a confusion of resemblance with DHL, the global player.


To make Gati globally competitive, we were appointed for their next business focus strategy, an operating value system and for repositioning their organisation.


From transportation to supply chain and logistics management service.


The reach of Gati courier service was deep into all corners of India and very high compared to any competitor. This was a big asset. Gati is an Indian name which describes speed. The challenge was to bring the global connotation into the name and business of supply chain. We created a symbolic expression with a positioning “Ahead in reach” to represent their global supply chain and logistics management. This was to also compensate the deficiency of understanding the Gati name in the global market. The symbolic expression of crossroads in multi-colours was to make customers understand that the service of the company had flexibility with discipline. This positioning “Ahead in reach” was coherent because Gati already had very high reach across India. It also gave a great edge to the company’s service intensity.

In this kind of business, a dominant colour code is very important starting from the delivery package to the signage of the booking place, the delivery brand and delivery person. We brought a blue colour code for the overall brand distinction to give a cool atmosphere of the servicing business of supply chain and logistics management where customers are generally anxious about delivery of their packages. When it was launched in 2007, the visibility and elegance of the brand became evident on the road as Gati vehicles prominently move on the roads. Gati has now become an Indian origin global supply chain and logistics management company providing service in several countries across the globe.