JSW (steel industry): Branding of a heavy industry to make it spontaneous for B2B to B2C industries. Launched in 2004.


Originating from the O.P. Jindal Group of industries with businesses in several domains, The company was created in 1982 and was a business conglomerate diversified into steel industry, mining, energy and infrastructure. The company has very strong CSR initiatives from idea to execution.


To merge multiple companies into a single brand with a single identity that can expand into other new industries with a young innovative outlook while accompanying the emergence of a fast-developing India and expanding to global markets.


To break the commodity character of heavy industry that their businesses are in and to represent the idea of an added value corporation with steel at its core. How can this conglomerate open up to newer opportunities in the market to enter industrial business that also stretches up to retail presence?


We created  a very structured brand identity of the industrial business, with branding of a heavy industry to make it spontaneous in transactions for both B2B to B2C businesses. While being heavy, it is fluid and has a symbolic expression, a red swoosh which indicates the forwardness of the brand for the future. We engaged in it “Innovate the future” as the corporation’s promise for their customers. As India is a fast developing country, steel usage can be considered as the relevant sign that represents the country’s progress. So JSW with “Innovate the future” is ready to take part in the growth path of India. This single focused new JSW brand was launched in 2004.