A brand’s ROI always has to be endless pluses ++++ and multiplication xxxxxxx….

A spiral is never-ending; it never closes, unlike a circle which is a confinement, blocked within itself. A spiral has full liberty to extend itself upwards and outwards while keeping a vital connect to the core. Today’s digital era has speeded up our ever-evolving society; trends now are sprouting rapidly and product innovation cycles multiplying swiftly. This means that products are changing frequently, so the brand has to anchor them in this continuous change. So a brand has to catch up to this newness of products and services to retain its freshness across the market’s ever-changing leaps. 

A brand cannot be created every year. It requires seasoning time in the market to create brand friendship with customers that results in brand loyalty. That’s why it’s essential for a digital era brand (for a product or service, whether virtual or physical) to be embedded with a spiralling effect so it can hold its essence in the market’s latent aspect. Brand substance has to be a spiral, that is, totally anti-static, to carry today’s fast-changing innovation cycles. It has to absorb and ride the spiralling trends of society and the market’s competitive edge. Accumulation of the brand’s seasoning factor will continue to result in brand goodwill, which too has a spiralling effect. A brand can achieve higher friendship and unending goodwill with customers by entwining latent newness in its products and services. This spiralling goodwill brand will also regularly deliver high returns to the brand custodian. The brand’s spiralling essence also drives spiralling goodwill which is unlimited in worth to all its stakeholders.