For the client’s business growth, our end customer-centric business strategy is led by branding design and communication, and is specific to the client’s industry. It is driven by Shining’s in-house Customer Latent-Mind Study (CLMS) process.

Spiralling Goodwill brand creator

In today’s digital era, a brand’s relevance to the customer is unlike the legacy power old brands had in the pre-digital economy. Brand activities were less dynamic then compared to today’s reduced product movement or go-to-market timeline. Fast-forward is the trend now with multiple availability possibilities across the world. Innovation timelines have shrunk to 3 to 18 months, driving a spiralling trend in the market. That’s why we design the brand and its communication and marketing in a very spiralling form. This unhinges the brand from any static mode, and allows its rapid growth to deliver brand goodwill

Customer latent-mind study process

Society’s unarticulated undercurrents are a big criterion to capture into a brand.  Due to the digital revolution, brands in all domains become obsolescent within a short span of time. So with our lab work we have developed a process to diagnose the customer’s latent mind. This study helps to restructure the product character and brand essence enabling spectacular marketing work for driving the brand in the market to generate profitable funds

All Services

1. Customer latent-mind study (CLMS)
To make the client’s enterprise value system to be customer-centric in all operations leading to business strategy, branding and communication, in its competitive environment.

2. Product development
Counselling for innovation that is for continuous improvement and for breakthrough new products with CLMS guidance

3. Spiralling Goodwill brand strategy
Brand renovation and creation to surpass the digital era’s quick changing markets.

4. Naming
New name creation as per relevance to its category, competitive edge and dynamic digital trend centric market. Easy to pronounce, purposeful and easy to recognize. 

5. Brand design
Brand identity / Packaging design / Brand management

6. Brand communication platform
To generate coherent communication across social media, print and electronic media, point of purchase (ATL, BTL and digital).

7. Brand implementation execution
Artwork of all brand collaterals from digital to print media.

8. Index of ROI measurement of marketing spend
To measure the growth after implementation of the strategy