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Delivering extra benefit from Strategy to Activation Limca Book of Records, 2011
  Our clients speak on our disruptive platform approach  
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Jacques Vincent Azim Premji
Jacques Vincent,
Vice Chairman & CEO, Groupe Danone, on working with Shombit Sengupta for 25 years in the course of 175 Danone brand building work
  Azim Premji,
Chairman, Wipro speaks at the launch of Shombit Sengupta’s book, Jalebi Management, on the efficacy of taking on discomfort in business practices
  World’s first disruptive initiative in art with corporate business
Our Painter CEO initiative has 48 participating CEOs in this 4th year now. Aside from our work delivery being on a disruptive platform with execution excellence, we’ve created disruption by inviting CEOs to paint their ideas. Industry professionals are getting inspired by the CEOs’ outstanding craftsmanship of painting on a canvas. Limca Book of Records has recognized CEO Painters as unique.
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