What is that unexpressed, dormant element that sways the customer’s mind? Market research for understanding the end-customer’s perspective on a product, service, brand or communication is routinely carried out by every company. So in every domain of industry, ample data is already available, and more or less the information is the same for each industry. But the important thing to extract is unique customer voice on how your specific business has been understood in the competitive market scenario. And how to actualize that which is latent in your industry, and which is feasible and approachable. Our CLMS process brings forth these unique insights.

There are two parts to CLMS. One is customer perception on your brand not only with your competitive players, but amongst all the happening spoken-about brands in society. Customer voice on how your brand plays out among spoken-about brands reveals its better objective understanding than just competition benchmarking. The second part of CLMS is where you want to take your brand. This is the big challenge. The day you relaunch your old brand or introduce your new one, the brand already becomes old. That’s because several other companies would have also floated new brands in the market a few days before you. So we apply the projective visual stimulus research of the client’s brand to get the latent hidden insights which is not visible at that time.

Irrespective of the brand we work with, we use the most spoken-about category and brand in the market to get insights on the impact their newness is creating in people’s minds. We capture how industries unrelated to our client are navigating the customers in different ways. Here conscious and subconscious elements play a huge role in the customer’s mind. In customer clinics we squeeze customers to grab what their subconscious minds are portraying which is their latent frame of mind. This allows us to visualize the end of the tunnel with blueprint clarity of what the brand, after its launch, will do in the market tomorrow. CLMS also helps us project the ingenuity of a product or service so as to build and apply the brand’s marketing and communication plan. In this way we deliver the spiralling goodwill brand incorporated with the latent perspective of the future.