Harmoniques (premium tableware industry): Transparent octagonal packaging to facilitate self-selling in hypermarkets. Launched in 1987.


Guy Degrenne was a French businessman who in 1948 created the Guy Degrenne brand to make very sophisticated cutlery and silverware. The brand has established the French art of living in tableware with very refined quality and elegance. The point of purchase of the brand was through exclusive outlets and boutiques. Guy Degrenne is a household name in France.


After the invention of hypermarkets in France in 1962, it became very important for the growth of all brands to be present in hypermarkets. In the 1980s there was a pressure of market growth and how this kind of premium product can take advantage of being in the hypermarket while still being a part of a very premium product category brand.


To create accessibility for Guy Degrenne in the hypermarket without losing its premium marquees in the market.


First we designed an octagonal transparent product presentation box for Guy Degrenne, breaking its traditional opaque box, to give a classic contemporary character. Then we created the brand name Harmoniques with the endorsement of Guy Degrenne for entry into the hypermarket. Overall the colour grey reflecting the product’s metallic character dominated the branding and packaging with a transparent cover to see the product in the shelf. The metallic grey packaging used in some parts as matt and other parts in glossy made the products very visible on the shelf. In the Harmoniques  brand we created a modern crown effect to give the connotation of sophistication. The inner holding system inside the packaging visibly held all the different products in the box.

Harmoniques from Guy Degrenne was available in hypermarkets with a huge cost advantage compared to the premium and luxury category. This is an example of how to stretch a luxury brand to the mass market without losing its authenticity and the power of the luxury marquee.