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  White Paper - Retailing footfall and conversion with youth pull  
W H I T E   P A P E R

Alchemy of footfall to conversion with ZAP young generation
for Allen Solly retail

Allen Solly interior
In a retail, footfall is the shopper’s mechanism of
non assisted magnetism; conversion comes from
the foreplay between the merchandise and shopper.

With organised retail comprising just 3% of India’s retailing today, the whole world is
looking at how to glamorize it to entice a billion plus people to spend.

There are just a handful of global brands that have the capacity to pull in shoppers
by their brand power.

But that is not at all enough to get the footfall required to run different categories of
organized retail in India.
Some outstanding global examples
Camden - London   Retail facade at Camden
19th century Camden in London   Retail facade at Camden today pulls in the impulsive buyer
Upto the 19th century, London’s Camden town was not a fashionable locality, it had heavy factories and habitation.
In 1973, Camden canal market was transformed into a stylish open market selling all the hip, up-to-the-minute
knick-knacks, modish gear and trendy things-to-do, attracting young and funky visitors all week. Indian organized retail requires the façade to be like Camden.

Different categories have different defined purchase cycles: for example, FMCG is day, week, monthly driven; automobiles have a purchase cycle of 3, 5, 7 years; for consumer electronics it’s 3 to 5 years, and for fashion the purchase cycle is
6 to 12 times a year. The strategic brand promoter can totally control the purchase cycle of any category.
Footfall crisis in India
It’s not easy for organized retail
to take India’s unstructured
human ocean from footfall
to conversion. Too many
signs, colours and symbols
contribute to the cacophony
in the marketplace.
Sometimes billboards gets
washed out in the rain and
sun, often the illumination
lights are not lit, an
electric transformer
on the road
hides them.
Façade: Most shoppers
enter an organised retail
with an impulse mindset,
apart from the need based product they come to buy.
If your store signage has
some impulse exposure
shoppers will step in.
We have seen this
upside down
billboard on a
main road for
3 months
Billboard   Print store   Shoppers attention   Indian retail facade
Any brand can put up its
billboard in front of
mom&pop stores.
Often new products
are introduced but the
old illuminated billboard
remains on top.
International brands
fall prey to such
situations too.
A roadside quick print service
store with sophisticated
American machines, exposes
its totally washed out billboard.
You require a
unique approach
that breaks
all disturbing
factors to grab
your relevant
in this jungle.
Indian retail facade in
prime area Doesn’t
address impulse purchase

Retail façade marketing
is the most crucial factor
in India. Retailers spend heavily for a prime place
but fail to make a
hypnotic façade
to facilitate footfall.
Previous situation of Allen Solly facade  
The façade of the
Allen Solly retail stores
was highly need based
with no sense of appeal
to instantly attract
impulse customers,
make them curious and change their mentality
into a shopping mode.
  Allen Solly
The static façade failed to attract regular footfall despite the stores being in the
prime locations. The absence of the dynamism in the façade that’s regularly
changed has a big power to
increase footfall.

The absence of the provocative character of the façade failed to appeal instantly
to the impulse customers, make them curious and change their mentality into
a shopping mode.
  Allen Solly
New Allen Solly facade
  From formal to 7 occasions of wear  
New Allen Solly store on Chruch Street, Bangalore
Allen Solly  
The new Allen Solly façade wasre
created with a new provocative
appeal that ensured conversion of the impulse customers, by making them curious and changing their mentality
into a shopping mode.

We recommended addressing Indian youth, 23 to 28-years-olds who
comprise the biggest community of
the world, and creating 7 shopping
zones with 7 different occasions of
wear such as sports, casual, party, semiformal, festive, formal
and corporate.

To activate this concept in the façade we used 3 big size scrolling panels that demonstrate the variety available in
each occasion to increase footfall.
Allen Solly
Crisis in conversion
Merchandize display:
Conversion is like a jackpot,
you may or may not get a
share of the shopper’s wallet. That’s why there
has to be a difference between dumped
stock and artistic magnification of product display in the store.
Shoppers do not buy
on seeing a large pile
of merchandize in
a premium retail.
In-store dumped
In-store price
Most retails in India do
not divide the store into
3 price layers, entry, mid and high price. As mass scale shoppers still come
in an impulse motif with
no clear idea of what
they want to buy, if
they see high or mid
priced items at the
retail’s entry,
conversion will
never happen.
3 Price layers
In-store dumped
stock displaysplays
Product at the retail’s entrance could be a low priced piece of the core product, or some accessory that has a token price.
This area needs attractive displays, with a variety of merchandise of different pricing. Foreplay starts here where products look like vibrant offers.
Mannequin: In low profile fashion stores in India, there are several mannequins hanging here and there without being customized as part of the selling proposition design.
Stop image Stop image:
To empower
it requires
visual impact
which can
be flexibly
from time
to time to
in the
  Visual merchandise Visual

The design
has to be akin
to an aquarium
of whirling fish.
From zone
to zone the
shopper can
be given a
to whirl in.
New Allen Solly inside store
Instead they love the foreplay of being in front of well displayed merchandize, considering its touch and feel, examining
its inherent qualities and benefits.
This example
below of our
design of
with dynamic
for Allen Solly
store reflects
the different
occasions of
wear for men
and women
  Allen Solly mannequins
Lighting: Lighting at the retail
is a crucial element that can change the perception of the merchandise. Flood lighting gives
a discount retail appearance,
while theatre-stage lighting
focuses on the active actor on the stage.

To sell premium value products, the retail requires theatre-stage lighting on the merchandize. Lights should not hit the shopper who, like the audience, would be intimidated; instead the actor, which is merchandize here, should get the prominence.

Of course this definition changes when the shopper comes in front of the trial room or any mirror in the store.
Then the shopper becomes the actor who needs prominence.
The more they whirl inside the retail, the more time will they spend, and spending time is another sign that will lead
to conversion.
Allen Solly
Formal   Semi Formal
100% movable visual merchandize: All the visual merchandize in the store have to be totally movable to give flexibility for changing the store plan at any time.
Strategic racks: As per the average height of Indian people, the hand movement reaches up 3.5 feet. In a
6 ft height rack, it is totally
useless to put merchandize
in the bottom 2 feet as it is below eye level. Doing so would merely make it look
like a stock yard. Displaying merchandize above 6 feet
is not friendly for shoppers
to see and handle easily.

movable racks
  That’s why the bottom 2 feet can be
used as in-store inventory with different
stop images pasted on it to illustrate
the variety of merchandize inside
these drawers.
movable racks

Illustrating mix-and-match product
In front of every occasion of
wear, LCD screens demonstrate the
mix and-match criteria of the variety in
each occasion. This helps the shopper
make up his/her mind.
LCD screen
In-store display with inventary facility
and space for stop image of the
Totally movable independent
racks with fl exible shelf
arrangement design
Intangible ambience: Music is needed as an intangible marketing tool. Playing jazz, rock or blues in a very traditional shopping area is a dramatic mistake. Our research reveals that different types of music are required for the morning, afternoon and evening as temperaments differ at those times. If you know your target shopper, music has huge power
in the foreplay between the merchandise and shopper.
Intangible ambience
Alchemy of footfall to conversion requires high convergence of multi knowledge such as end-customer understanding, branding, catchment science, architectural and engineering proficiency with high sense of visual expertise. These are the 15 key areas which require micro detail work to get quick ROI in retailing irrespective of the retail category. These are all frontline activities for retail business. Negligence of any one of these areas can create deficiency in ROI.

Shining way of driving footfall to conversion
for fashion retail

So don’t wait for retail footfall and
conversion to happen by chance.
There is a science here that needs
to be addressed as a core subject
of Quick ROI Retailing.
  Footfall to conversion
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